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Ishigaki City has requested the following today.

This is Ishigaki cities text below.

Ishigaki City’s response to the “Emergency Declaration”
(About correspondence to new coronavirus infectious disease)

Japan’s prime minister Abe’s decision to respond to the spread of the new coronavirus on June 6 was given by Ishigaki City after receiving a report that he had decided to take the “Declaration of Emergency.”

At present, residents and tourists travel only by air in the city, and the routes are Haneda Airport, Narita Airport, Chubu International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Fukuoka Airport, Naha Airport, Miyako Airport, and Yonaguni Airport.

Recently, it has been reported that Prime Minister Abe has decided to issue an emergency declaration and will consult with an advisory body.However, it is highly that this will be issued mainly in metropolitan areas, and it is almost the same as the city on the airline route of the city. It seems to be.

The concern of the mayor is that many people travel and travel seeking evacuation in the Yaeyama Islands, including the city, in order to avoid self-restraint in restricted areas under the declaration of emergency. As a result, those infected with the new coronavirus may bring the virus into the area.

There are only three beds in the city and there is no medical system for new coronavirus infections, and the health and life of residents and tourists cannot be fully guaranteed.

Therefore, please strictly refrain from traveling to Ishigaki during the period of issuing the emergency declaration.

I’m sorry and sorry to ask everyone who loves Ishigaki Island and the Yaeyama Islands more than before, but in the current situation, even if you come to the island, you can not have enough hospitality It may cause inconvenience.

Please understand the circumstances of the island and refrain from traveling. If the new coronavirus infection is over and you can travel without hesitation, please come back to Ishigaki Island and Yaeyama Islands. We welcome you all and great service throughout the island. I sincerely pray for the end of the day as soon as possible.

Dear people from the island, this new coronavirus is very infectious, and no matter who is infected at any time. Students and people living outside the island, such as employment, may already be infected without your knowledge. Under the Declaration of Emergency, it is considered safer to stay at home in your current area, and if you return to your local Ishigaki Island / Yaeyama and get sick, you should consider the medical system, and Ishigaki Island / Yaeyama I think it is not appropriate to return to my parents’ home.
In addition, if you are infected, you can infect your parents, family, and older grandparents. We sincerely ask that you make wise decisions to protect the lives of your loved ones and your own.

In addition, since there is a risk of infection from asymptomatic infected people, we strongly recommend that travelers and returnees to self-isolate from arriving at hotels or homes for 14 days.
6 April 2020
Mayor Ishigaki Yoshitaka Nakayama

I had been considering self-restraint for some time, but I decided on this request from Ishigaki City.

I am looking forward to overcoming this painful situation and resuming with a smile with everyone and guiding you to a fun sea. I am sorry for all those who have made reservations and those who are considering come to Ishigaki during the period.

Closed: April 8 to April 24, 2020 *TBD

Sea Connection Kazuyuki Takami